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The X6⁵


X6⁵ steps into the future of modern performance cruising. It is the first model in a new range, designed for the discerning sailor and his crew. She optimizes advanced and proven technology and building techniques and incorporates first class components for exploring into the blue in comfort.

X-Yachts´ is the builder of the most winning production yachts for more than three decades, and this glorious background is mirrored in the X6⁵´s technical specification.

According to the chief designer, achieving comfort when sailing windward in a rough sea was an essential prerequisite in the X6⁵ hull design. Every detail has been given the utmost attention, in order to create a truly modern design that is both practical and stylish.

New X4⁹


X4⁹ is the latest addition to the X range. She premiered in 2018 and is a true embodiment of the key features, which sets X-Yachts apart from competition.
Her stiff and strong hull along with the efficient design, her light ends and her steel hull girder are only a portion features that make her such an outstanding experience.

The crew can easily handle her, and that’s way she is ideal for family sailing trips, long distance blue water cruising or even competitive sailing.

The X4⁹ delivers impressive sailing ventures for the well-seasoned sailor because she has been designed with comfortable cruising in mind.

The X4³


The X4³ is an easily manageable package, ideal for double-handed sailing. Generous stability, modern displacement and a powerful yet easy to control sail plan make sailing smooth through the waves.
Designed to complement both the existing two ranges, XPerformance and XCruising, X models offer both excellent sailing capabilities and modern spacious interiors.

Unlike mainstream modern yacht designs, the X4³ is meant to be enjoyable and easy to handle even in far from perfect sailing conditions.
Upwind performance and sea keeping were the main focus points at the designer’s desk.