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The Xp 55


The Xp 55 is the flagship model in the Xp range. Being built using technologically advanced materials and cutting-edge techniques, she raises the bar for performance sailing yachts.

Reviewers and sailors have been impressed by her ‘dinghy-like feel’, fast pace, and the ability to sail the boat rapidly and easily double-handed.

The model offers an unbeatable sailing experience combined with luxury.
Stability is a key principle behind the Xp 55’s design, which leads to excellent performance.


The Xp 50


The Xp 50 is a high-performance cruiser-racer which offers impressive pace and ease of handling. The longer waterline length of this model allows additional cruising features to be incorporated, as well as increased straight-line speed.

The keel and rudder of the Xp 50 are precisely engineered for performance, responsiveness and durability.

“You steer, she responds. Nothing comes between the wind’s force and the Xp 50’s acceleration on the water.” Vanni Galgani, Fare Vela Xp 50 test, April 2013

The Xp 44


The Xp 44 features both impressive performance and simplicity of handling, which makes it appealing for families. It was the first of the Xperformance line to be launched and it was nominated as the Sailing World’s Yacht of the year in 2014.

Every detail of the Xp 44 deck layout has been carefully considered for perfect ergonomics and style. The hull design used when building her increases the speed level she can reach.

“She was a dream to helm. The control from the low-profile rudder felt spot-on... and power was communicated well.” Toby Hodges, Yachting World, Xp 44 test, August 2011

The Xp 38


After its launch, Xp 38, quickly developed into a global fleet. It was nominated for Sailing World Boat of the Year 2013, and boats were sold from Japan to Hungary, Switzerland to Australia.
Below bunks and floorboards, the Xp 38 systems ensure comfort and safety onboard, without compromising performance.

High stability and ease of handling makes the Xp 38 a rapid and comfortable yacht to cruise with excellent sea-keeping in all conditions.

“The main reason you own this boat is because you love sailing. Seeing it under way, it just lights you up.” Tim Murphy, Boat of the Year judge, Cruising World Xp 38 test, April 2013

The Xp 33


The smallest member of the Xp range was designed for optimal sailing pleasure and performance.
The objective of the Xp 33 is to offer a yacht which satisfies the sporty or racing sailor, but also enables them to invite the family on board for a comfortable cruise.
She benefits from the same advanced construction techniques as the larger yachts in the Xperformance range.

“The best way of describing the Xp 33 is ‘less is more’” Bådnyt (Denmark). Henrik Brandt