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ORC World championship in Croatia
12. June 2019.
X-Yachts X40 at sea


Smallest and the newest model in the XRange series – X4⁰, had the very first testing. As it is most often the case with X-Yachts, she was nominated for her first award. This year's European Yacht of Year gathers some tough competition in the Performance Cruiser category with Italia 11.98, First Yacht 53 and RM 1180.
For a boat to succeed in this category

-it needs to sail fast and be easily operated at maximum pressure
-have an ergonomically organized cockpit
-have sensitive and responsive rudders
-have an adaptable sailplan to changing conditions

The announcement of the winner will take place during the Boot Düsseldorf (18. - 26.01.2020).
This summer the X-Yachts turned 40, and fittingly it presented a new 40-footer during their Gold Cup. With a high-volume hull, the X4⁰ offers all the space for a family to spend a weekend or extended travels aboard. The boat is available as a 2- or 3-cabin version, sleeping 4 to 6 crew. In early tests she also proved to be a true X with light yet responsive twin-wheel steering and agile acceleration.

Here’s just a small part of Yachting Monthly’s review of the newly launched X4⁰:

“Her interior is stylish, practical and well put together, she’s easily handled by a couple and can take you cruising in speed and style. With that clarified, I can start telling you all how good she is and, oh my, she is good. It’s rare I find myself having a great sail in less than 10 knots of breeze.”

XYachts X40 Sailplan
“The new X4⁰ is not just the comfortable interior of the Xc38 crammed into the sleek hull of the Xp38. The hull design characteristics on all three ranges are different: the Xc hulls have more volume to support the extra clobber required by the extended cruising sailor; the Xp are narrower with much slimmer bow sections; and the X4⁰’s hull has more rocker than the Xp while its broader forward sections give more space for the owner’s cabin and wider aft sections with a soft, subtle chine, giving more volume aft.”

“It was a flat, grey day, but she was sailing like there was sunshine and 15 knots of breeze. “
We’re sure to read much about this fabulous boat and get more award nominations and of course some awards as well. If you’d like to learn more about the X4⁰, contact our sales team for more information and great offers.
x40 test