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11. January 2019.
ORC World championship in Croatia
12. June 2019.
x40 in factory


It’s time to present you our brand new XRange - X4⁰, the smallest model in the series.

After X-Yachts launched X4³ and the X6⁵ in 2016 and X4⁹ and the X4⁶ in 2018, X Range sold approximately 120 yachts in the first 2 years series. So the decision to develop another, more improved model was easy. The XRange combines the best characteristics from both the XCruising models and the XPerformance models into beautifully designed performance cruisers.

Common qualities of this new model with the other models in the X range are:
- fast, easily managed yacht
- functional deck layout
- modern comfortable interior that is well equipped
- elegant design

With increased stability of the X4⁰, the crew can have more time to relax and enjoy with their families and friends. It also enhances comfort and safety on board. One of the unique new features of the yacht is the entrance washboard system. Instead of the traditional lifting and lowering washboard system, X-Yachts designed a pair of side-hinged doors. These doors cover up the halyards and trim lines in the purpose-built halyard recesses at either side of the entrance.

Centre of the X4⁰ is the galvanized steel keel grillage structure that offers safety and superb reassurance. Its primary role is to spread keel and mast loads into the hull and it also enables the yacht to endure shock loads from grounding or an impact with a submersed object.
The deck layout contains 4 winches, self-tacker sheet, control line winches next to the entrance, two halyards and two main sheet winches aft of the cockpit’s backrest coamings. New X4⁰ also has an option for coach roof top longitudinal Genoa tracks and two dedicated Genoa sheet winches on top of the cockpit backrest coamings.


The interior of the X4⁰ exudes Scandinavian design style and carpentry at its finest. It is designed to maximize the space that is at the same time safe, functional and modern. X4⁰ will be available as a 2-cabin layout, and later on as a 3-cabin option which will have a double cabin to starboard.
Launch date

The X4⁰ is under full development and is expected to launch in the beginning of Summer 2019 for sea trials and testing! If you have any more questions, please contact our sales department!


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X40 layout