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Uskrsnja Regata - x43
28. March 2018.
Uskrsnja Regata - x43
International Regatta Croatia 2018
5. July 2018.
X- YACHTS Team Work

X- YACHTS Team Work


Xara, Xaviera, Xirena and Xenia are brand new X4³’s that have just recently arrived to our port to complete our fleet and broaden our offer. The fully successful promotion of our four new-born stars took place at the Easter Regatta on the island Hvar. The sailing yachts have proven their worth as racing sailboats and excellent performance yachts. They are now available for charter during any regatta or for sailing aficionados that refuse to compromise comfort and performance even on their vacation.
Hvar and the 22nd edition of the Easter Regatta

The regatta and the venue in Hvar have become the most popular sailing event and destination. Three out of four X’s took part in the races while all four were intended for play-offs . Winners of each group raced against each other to determine the overall winner in the final monotype one-design race. Four finest teams of this year’s edition of the Easter Regatta took each other’s measure in the thrilling finale and the winner was decided literally in the last 20 m of the race. That much about news and headlines… The full and detailed report of the regatta follows below.
(Un)successful training day

Nava sailing team took part in the competition as well. The team was gathered between associates and friends along with Kristjan, Sune, Rune and Felix, our distinguished guests from Denmark and representatives of the X-Yachts Company. The day before transfer to Hvar was scheduled for training and boat optimisation.
X-Yachts Challenging Weather
No matter how professional any sailor is individually, the team has to get to know each other and the manoeuvres have to be mastered before every race. The training day was beautiful, bright and sunny, but unfortunately completely windless. All we could do was to set the sails while moored in the port, just to check whether measures fit. OK, we said, there is another day ahead of us so we can train on our way to Hvar.
The weather and team issues

The next day rose grey as grey can be while wind gusts rose up to 25 + knots, and even carried snowflakes. This is not typical Dalmatian weather and in particular on the first day of spring… It was still morning when we received the information that Tonči Stipanović, Croatia’s sailing silver medallist from the recent Olympic Games held in Rio , won’t be able to join the regatta due to health problems. However, our friendly competitors on the second X boat were complete and ready to start with Karlo Kuret at the helm (note that Karlo has experience sailing at three Olympic Games)
At the end of the day, everyone was happy that we finally sailed together, while some were happy that they survived. After warm and constructive discussion and recapitulation of the day during dinner, everyone was keen to welcome our missing team member and a great help on the bow – our bow-girl Lamjana.

This too, would not be so easy. Due to severe bura (typical winter NE wind in Dalmatia) she was stuck in the bus on her way to Split (traffic is often suspended due to strong bura. She missed the ferry to Hvar, which should mean another day without a reliable team member on deck. Just like Alenka, Lamjana decided not to give up and cover her head in a jammed bus, but to grab her gear and continue on foot. She managed to catch a ride hitch-hiking for just a few minutes and recognized our mutual friend – skipper on the back seat of the car. There’s no way this was just a coincidence…
They made it to Split in the middle of the night so Lamjana was supposed to be transferred to Hvar by Nava’s speedboat Boston Whaler, but again – not so easy. Bura got so strong that they were not able to cast off. Luckily for us, bura was strong in Hvar as well so start was postponed.
As soon as we decided to cast off in spite of raging wind we discovered a technical problem on our backstay so we had to get back and fix it. It took some time as phone lines got hot – Croatian part of the team called every single friend/supplier/associate/colleague in order to find the spare part while the Danish part of the team did the same but in a different language. Finally, the problem was fixed so we sailed towards Hvar knowing that the weather conditions are not going to allow us to do any training.

On our way to Hvar we got word that our bow-girl could not get a day-off so she would not be able to join us on the first day. Our proud booking manager Alenka happily filled her place . She did the job as a true professional – without any complaints, without any mistake, struggling but she never gave up. Here comes one huge BRAVO for Alenka. This is not an exaggeration because we managed to do as much as two tacks, hoisting massive spinnaker, one jibe and dropping it back; before the first start. As the wind was gusting between 23 and 28 knots problems rose but we didn’t give up despite lack of training and team-building. Keep in mind that one could hear three different languages and (at least) two dialects on board our racing sailboat.
Alenka and the Xara team finally complete
Our performance got better with every manoeuvre so our results in the end did not seem that bad at all. Everyone was happy with our performance the final day of the race. The wind was moderate and the spirit was high so we could all enjoy the good company and beautiful performances of the X4³.
The grand finale

The final race that decided the overall winner took place in conditions of diminishing wind so our four X’s resembled 4 swans dancing elegantlly on a calm lake. Despite light wind conditions the four finest crews did not deliver any less excitement. The overall winner was decided in the last 20 m off the finish line, under 0 knots of wind.
There’s still time to charter one of our X-Yachts performance yachts.

Given the exciting start of promotion of our new fleet, one might conclude that sailing Xara, Xirena, Xaviera and Xenia will be anything but boring. We didn’t win the trophy but be won a beautiful and thrilling experience on board an X4³ and a warm and hopefully long-term friendship with our partners from Denmark.
Check availability of the boats (one of X4³’s or Xc35) or inquire if you want to book one of them for any of the upcoming regattas in Croatia. We also offer sailing training programs in the off season for those that want to brush up on their sailing skills or even total beginners or professionals. We look forward to welcoming you aboard our X-Yachts fleet.