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X43- test
X-Yachts test sail
21. March 2018.
X- YACHTS Team Work
NAVA Becomes A Proud Dealer And Partner Of Danish X-Yachts!
27. April 2018.
Uskrsnja Regata - x43


Easter regatta is one of the most famous regattas in Croatia and it was held on the island of Hvar from 21 to 24 March 2018. Nautika centar Nava competed with two X-Yachts boats: Xaviera with Karlo Kuret and Xara with Felix Jacobsen at the helm. The third X4³ was Xirena with Sebastian Levstik at the helm and the KON-TIKI team on board. They turned out to be worthy contenders for the top positions. The regatta started with challenging conditions and north-east wind blowing at 15-25 knots. 32 boats entered the competitions, divided into four groups. There were 15 participating in ORC, nine large and six smaller ones. According to Open classification seventeen sailboats participated, six serious candidates for lead in Racer category and nine recreational crews in the Nauta group.
In the largest group, Open Nauta, after the first day of sailing, three sailboats were declared as main competitors: Byblis by Nikola Dešković, Xirena by Sebastian Levstik and Teuta with Mario Kundih at the helm. Teuta, who was not in the first race, but won the second, Xirena had two second places, Byblis first and third.
Uskrsnja Regata - x43
In the Open Race there were no big surprises, Polet Furioso by Nikola Dešković didn’t have any real competition so they won first place easily.
The ORC group was far more exciting. In Group 1 with large yachts competing, Tonko Rameša and his crew aboard the X-Cite took first place thanks to their excellent performance. The Karpo, the Sky and the Xaviera were competing for second place. The Sky showed exceptional sailing skills in the first race and deservingly won. In the second race Karlo Kuret on Xaviera showed his expertise and took the lead. In the second race Green Pepper and Neven Gašpić stole the spotlight. The Drinković Poliklinika, after not such successful sailing in the first race, proved themselves in the second. After the first day of the regatta, clear finalists were Tonko Rameša aboard X-Cite and Neven Gašpić aboard Green Pepper.
Uskrsnja Regata - x43
On the second day of the regatta a strong north-easterly wind kept blowing and the regatta committee decided to have the regatta under borderline sailing conditions allowing the ORC group to compete. This regatta in the Open Nauta group, was crucial for Mario Kundih aboard Teuta because now he had a chance to qualify for the finals. Duel between him and Sebastian Levstk aboard Xirena was deciding the finalist. The Open Racer group did not compete that day so Polet Furioso went straight to the finale.
In the ORC 1 group Gringo 2 holds first place with one point ahead of Karlo Kuret on the Xirena and two points away from Tonko Rameša on the X-Cite X41. In the ORC 2 group Green Pepper is holding first place two points ahead of Poliklinika Drinković.
On the third day Open group sailed a navigational race in the Hvar channel. The most certain results were in the Open Racer group where the Polet Furioso yacht sailed its private regatta and took another win thanks to no real competition.
Open Nauta group was a lot more exciting. The Xirena crew took advantage of a start under mild wind conditions while Kundih made some bad assessments in the beginning. In the end Kundih on Teuta took the win, while Levstik on Xirena ended up second.
Real drama took place in the ORC group. The crew of Tonko Rameša on X-Cite secured their place in the finals as well as Gringo. After a bad start, Poliklinika Drinković also did a good job. Karlo Kuret on Xaviera came in third.
Winners from four groups went on to the finale, sailed on four identical X-Yachts X4³’s sailboats. After a poor start in the first race Poliklinika Drinković won the regatta after all. Tonko Rameša was second, Mario Kundih third and Nikola Dešković forth. Here are the official results of the regatta and more information on it: Easter Regatta.
It was a beautiful sight – seeing four of our X4³’s like that and after some rough weather in the first three days, the sky finally cleared and the view was even more magnificent. Find more photos in the gallery below.