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9 days of Boot Düsseldorf with 6 X-Yachts models
3. February 2018.


Croatia is a country with a long tradition of sailing, which is evident in the large number of regattas held every year. The Adriatic Sea was important for sailors over millennia because of numerous islands, coves, bays and ports which provided a good place to hide from sudden storms.
People born and raised on the coast and islands are real sea lovers and sailing is in their blood. Through the history, they were excellent shipbuilders, fishermen, and sailors. All of that resulted in many regattas (397 to be precise) across the Adriatic coast and lots of fun for all participants.

There are many regattas that sailors of all levels can join in. In order to participate, a good sailboat, some basic skills, healthy competitive spirit and a great mood for some fun are needed.
When choosing your sailboat, you should consider safety, performance, comfort and built quality. That’s why, we at Nava recommend the X-Yachts brand and more precisely one of our four units of X43.
These yachts provide excellent sailing performances with plenty of comfort on board. Substantial keel weight and sail plan make sailing into wind and waves a true delight. Six well sized self-tailing winches for halyards, genoa and main sheet increase their racing optimization.

Here are the most popular and biggest regattas that are suitable for every sailor.


Mrduja is one of the oldest regattas in Europe and the largest in the Adriatic. The regatta was first organized in 1927 by the Split Yacht Club LABUD, which is still responsible for bringing it to life every year. It is held in late September or early October every year. The race leads the participants from Split to the small island of Mrduja and back. The emphasis of this race is not so much on the competition, but on having fun and saying goodbye to the summer. Even though the regatta is not the most demanding, the winner of it gains a lot of prestige. The key for the win is to read the racecourse and choose the right tactic.


In October, Viška Regatta, unofficially closes the sailing season. It is the most popular multi-day regatta for amateur sailors in Croatia. The first leg of the race takes participants from Split to the island of Vis. After the first match, the contestants take a day off on Vis where they have more fun and parties. However, for the ones who want to race, there is the cup of Vis port, which is a separate regatta held in the port of Vis. After two nights of fun, sailing back to Split is the hardest part. The awards ceremony and the final closing party take place at the Yacht club Labud, that has been organizing the regatta for the past 73 years.


We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that the Easter Regatta is today the most famous international ORC sailing regatta in Croatia. Back in 1997, after the first Easter Regatta was finished, not many believed that this competition would become one of the most important sailing events of the year. After several years in Vodice, the Easter Regatta returned to Hvar and it’s now better than ever. The Regatta is usually held around Easter, in March or April. It has an international character, with many foreign participating teams. Its objective is to achieve the perfect combination between sports, competition and socializing. The prize fund is rich, with even cars offered as first prize.


The legendary and the magnificent regatta in Croatia leads sailors for the 110-mile long course from Vodice to Jabuka and back. The main features of the regatta are, of course, the small rocky islet Jabuka and the small rocky islet Jabuka, characterized by a strong wind, intensive and long sailing legs on the open sea and the night start. It is organisedat the end of the season in almost winter conditions. Regatta Jabuka is held in November every year and known to be one of the hardest regattas in the Adriatic, since it can offer the best conditions, or the roughest ones. The race starts in the night in front of the town of Vodice and continues to the southeast, towards the island of Jabuka. Upon reaching Jabuka the participants return to Vodice. If you are looking to improve your sailing skills, in order to be able to participate or even win one of the above regattas check out our sailing training aboard X-Yachts. We have prepared a serious sailing training program where an experienced skipper will guide you through basic theory and train your sailing skills such as docking, navigating and even safety rules. For more information on the training program take a look at our brochure. (put a link to the training page).